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UpMap T800+ for Aprilia Euro5 Models with Gabro Map

UpMap T800+ for Aprilia Euro5 Models with Gabro Map

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UpMap T800+ for Aprilia Euro5 Models with Gabro Map


  • 2021-2024 Aprilia RSV4 (all variants)
  • 2021-2024 Aprilia Tuono V4 (all variants)
  • Aprilia RS660 (all years & variants)
  • Aprilia Tuono 660 (all years & variants)
  • Aprilia Tuareg 660 (all years & variants).

Includes the correct cable to connect UpMap device to your diagnostic port.

The UpMap T800+ is a user friendly way to flash your Aprilia ECU yourself using your cell phone/tablet (Android and iOs apps available). Using this tool you'll be able to flash Gabro's maps in minutes, and restore the stock map anytime if needed.

During the flashing process the T800+ automatically performs the throttle and handle learning procedures so there is no additional diagnostic tool or dealer visit required.

You can also read and clear trouble codes with the T800+ on Euro5 Aprilias.

Purchasing the UpMap for Aprilia will give you access to the large database of maps created by Aprilia master tuner Gabro in his last 10+ years activity. These maps have been accurately prepped on the dyno and fine-tuned on the track and street using complete data logging systems, and extensively tested prior being released. Not only will you gain power using Gabro’s maps, they will make it safe to run an aftermarket exhaust and improve smoothness and ride-ability as well.

Let us know if you have any questions about the differences between UpMap/Gabro and any of the other options.  Here is a link to a writeup with some explanation:  Why choose Gabro?

Included in the purchase price of the UpMap is a promo code to get 1 of Gabro’s maps for no additional charge as well as the latest stock map for your motorcycle. Gabro’s has standard maps for the OEM exhaust, dekat slip-ons and full exhaust systems. They are compatible with both the stock air filters and aftermarket high flow air filters.

Gabro’s has some premium maps designed for his stage 3 airbox kit, velocity stack kit and ST maps with modified traction control settings for track riders. The airbox kits and velocity stack kits include a promo code to get the appropriate map for no additional charge, however if you would like to use the promo code included with your UpMap for a premium Gabro map you will just need to pay the difference in price.

The Aprilia Race Map is also available for purchase at a minimal charge.

Important Notes:
It is highly recommended to have a battery charger connected to your battery while flashing your ECU with the UpMap. The BS Battery BS 10 & Optimate 1 Duo are both 1A battery chargers/maintainers that are compatible with lead acid & lithium batteries. The Optimate 4s 6A is a premium option that is designed for lithium batteries and has a specific mode to stabilize battery voltage during ECU flashing. You can find more details on the chargers as well as other options in the batteries/chargers category of our website.

On the RSV4, RS660, Tuono V4 and Tuono 660 Gabro's dekat maps will disable the US/Canada spec front turn signals and enable the euro style turn signals integrated into the headlight assembly.  With Gabro's maps for the OEM exhaust you have the option of leaving the US turn signals enabled or enabling the EU turn signals.  Fusion Moto turn signal block off plates are available as an add-on for your Tuono to cover the holes left when removing the OEM front turn signals.

In order to flash the ECU on the 2021 Tuono V4 & 2021 RSV4 the ECU map must be updated to at least the August 2021 Aprilia release. If your ECU is presently still loaded with an older map, when trying to flash a performance map via the UpMap an error message in the App will pop-up, saying: "please update and setup ECU at dealer before UpMap" and the flash process will be aborted. Have the dealer update the ECU map, but also have them update the dash and ABS as well. Once you are updated to the August 2021 or later map your bike will not need future dealer updates to be flashed by UpMap. The cost of the update at the dealer (if required) should be minimal.

UpMap locks to the first ECU you flash with it. So it can only be used on 1 motorcycle and cannot be "unmarried" and moved to a different one.

This product is designed for off road/racing use only.

What are you waiting? Put Gabro's paw in your bike ECU!

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