Why choose UpMap / Gabro to flash your ECU?

Why choose UpMap / Gabro to flash your ECU?

Whenever you switch to an aftermarket exhaust you should flash the ECU to correct the air/fuel ratio.   This is especially important on most Aprilia's since the catalytic converter is in the OEM muffler assembly and removing it significantly affects fueling requirements.   The Aprilia "Race ECU" and Aprilia Race Map are two solutions for this.   However a lot of people don't realize that the only difference with the "Race ECU" is the map installed (which is the Aprilia Race Map).   The ECU itself is no different than the one that is in your motorcycle from the factory.   While the Aprilia Race Map is an improvement over the stock map and will make it safe to run a DEKAT exhaust, it isn't the best option out there.   

Installing the "Race ECU" or doing a mail in flash for the Aprilia Race Map can be a hassle.   The ECU is located under the gas tank cover and needs to be removed for both.   But you aren't finished after you swap the ECU, you still need to do the throttle handle learning process.  This requires cables to connect to the diagnostic port and software to do it yourself, or you need to take it to the dealer to have it done.   In comparison to UpMap, the T800+ is a device that plugs into the diagnostic port located under the seat.  It sets up a bluetooth connection to your phone to control the flashing through their app (Android and iOs available).   UpMap also takes care of the throttle handle learning process automatically without needing any additional cables or software.    

The UpMap includes 2 different maps (OEM map and 1 of Gabro's maps).   This allows you to be able to flash your ECU back to the stock map if you ever want to.  Gabro is regarded as the best Aprilia tuner in the world.   His maps are a significant improvement over the Aprilia Race Map.   He doesn't stop at getting the air/fuel ratio right.   He extracts as much power as you can without risking engine damage and puts a significant emphasis on smoothness and ride ability.   Right after I bought my 2017 Tuono I started running the Aprilia Race Map.   On/off throttle transitions were abrupt and especially below 5000 RPMs the bike ran rough.   The bike just felt angry.   I assumed it was just the nature of the beast with the amount of horsepower and torque these bikes have.   But since a lot of my riding ends up being commuting on city streets it just wasn't enjoyable to ride.   I had seen a lot of people talk positively about Gabro's work in the Aprilia forums and Facebook groups.   Gabro noticed I was doing exhaust testing and selling exhausts in the Facebook groups.   So when he asked me if I was interested in offering UpMap with his maps to my exhaust customers the first thing I did was flash my Tuono so I could have personal experience with it.   My expectations were low since my Tuono was already flashed with the Aprilia Race Map.   But I was absolutely blown away by the improvement with Gabro's map.   I could tell it had more horsepower, but more importantly on/off throttle transitions were now very smooth, the bike rans much smoother at lower RPMs too.   Overall it is much easier to ride it and it has increased my enjoyment of the Tuono more than any other mod I have done.     

Another downside to Aprilia "Race ECU" & Aprilia Race Map is if you take your motorcycle to the dealer for service and they update the ECU it will wipe out the Aprilia Race Map.   Most dealers don't have the equipment in place to restore it. So you are stuck trying to get the dealer to pay someone to reflash it or pay for it out of your own pocket.   If that were to happen with UpMap, it is no big deal.   Just plug the device back in yourself and within minutes the correct map is back on your bike at no additional cost.   With UpMap you can flash the ECU as many times as you want.   

UpMap also has the ability to read and clear codes on the Euro5 models (2021+ RSV4, 2021+ Tuono, RS660, Tuono 660 & Tuareg 660)

The bottom line is if you compare the UpMap with Gabro's map to the other options, UpMap beats the competition in every way.   You will get better results, they are easier to install and are competitively priced (lower than most options).   I am very happy with my choice to use Gabro on my Tuono and my customers have been too.   I have never sold any other product that has gotten such consistent positive feedback.   

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about UpMap/Gabro or any of the competitors products, we are happy to answer them for you.   

Here is a link to the UpMaps for the 2021-Present RSV4, 2021-Present Tuono V4, RS660, Tuono 660 and Tuareg 660:

Here is the link to the UpMaps for 2020-Prior RSV4, 2020-Prior Tuono V4, Dorsoduro & Shiver:

Here is a link to a video we created that shows the entire flashing process with UpMap: https://youtu.be/C_LVsMALe-4

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