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Spark Grid-O Full Titanium Exhaust for Aprilia RS 660 & Aprilia Tuono 660

Spark Grid-O Full Titanium Exhaust for Aprilia RS 660 & Aprilia Tuono 660

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Spark Grid-O Titanium Full Exhaust for RS 660 & Aprilia Tuono 660 


  • Aprilia RS 660 (all years and variants)
  • Aprilia Tuono (all years & variants)

Note: Since this is a dekat exhaust it is highly recommended to flash the ECU to correct the fueling.   CBC Motorsports recommends UpMap/Gabro, it is the best solution to flash any Aprilia.   For more information see ourFAQpage.   

Spark Exhaust Technology Aprilia RS 660 "Grid-O" Titanium Exhaust. Constructed with a titanium silencer fitted with carbon ending, titanium mid-pipe and titanium racing header. Incredible weight saving (weighs only 3.2 kg vs stock at 6.5kg).

Sound is aggressive but not extreme so that it is perfect both for track and road. Designed for Maximum Performance, Looks, Weight Savings and a Rich Deep Italian Sound (107 db). Handcrafted in Italy, Dyno Tested for maximum horsepower increase over stock. Non-Homologated Racing Version for Maximum Performance.

For perfect performance, throttle response and durability, ECU remapping is recommended. Includes Carbon Heat Shield. *Mounts to Passenger Footpeg.

*Does not include Race Hangar to Subframe Mount or removable DB Killer (Sold Separately). GAP8808T

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