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Gabro Racing Team Oil Radiator Kit for Aprilia RS 660

Gabro Racing Team Oil Radiator Kit for Aprilia RS 660

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Gabro Racing Team Oil Radiator Kit for Aprilia RS 660


  • Aprilia RS 660 (all years & variants)

Availability: On order.  Please contact us for an up to date ETA if your order is time sensitive.   We respond to requests quickly.  

This radiator kit can drop the oil temperature from 150-160C peaks in hot track days to 110-120C max, moreover, the coolant system without the oil heat exchanger thermal load, works better and water temperature never exceed 90C as well even running completely stock radiator.

Oil life-span is greatly increased and both motor reliability and durability are improved. Oil system also takes 400cc more oil when the radiator is fitted (2.3lt to 2.7lt total).

Pistons life mostly depends on cooling coming from the oil jets underneath, a cooler oil works better in bearing shells as well. Cams and buckets will not show overheating marks anymore too.  

Performances are also improved: better hps comes when coolant runs at about 85-88C, while ECU starts limiting power derating the ignition advance when coolant is above the 100C mark.

Our kit uses the Tuareg 660 OEM oil filter. The oil filter plate also has a provision for optional temperature/pressure sensor installation.

The kit has all the hardware needed for a complete installation, including a coolant thermostat eliminator plate and hoses lockwiring guards. Hoses are also a premium product, made from the same Italian company that supplies Ducati and MV OEM.

Lastly, placing both hoses connections on left side makes this kit installable on most exhausts system layout: placing them LH/RH as usual allow installation of the radiator only in bikes fitted with the SC Project exhaust, while our kit can be installed on the Akra and any other exhaust in the market

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