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Bonamici Racing Rearsets for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660

Bonamici Racing Rearsets for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660

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Bonamici Racing Rearsets for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660


  • Aprilia RS 660 (all years & variants)
  • Aprilia Tuono 660 (all years & variants)

Bonamici Racing rearsets are made in Italy and are designed to give you optimal control of your shifting, braking, and overall body position. Accurately adjust your foot peg position for both comfort and control.

Made from billet high-strength aluminum alloys with precision CNC technology, Bonamici Racing rearsets use high-quality ball bearings to reduce the friction of the shift arms and brake levers.

These rear sets are anodized to have greater mechanical resistance and greater resistance to chemical agents. Whether you ride on the street or the track, these rearsets are a very noticeable upgrade to your motorcycle.

  • Lightweight design
  • High-performance aluminum construction
  • Double ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Race-inspired footpegs with high grip level
  • Wide adjustment of the footpeg position
  • Precision accuracy adjustment
  • Configurable for standard shift or GP (race) shift

Note: To be used with GP shift, most RS 660 will require a ECU map update to retain autoblip/quickshifter functionality.  This can be done through UpMap or your dealer.  The Tuono 660 will self learn shift pattern.  

Note:  These rearsets have an provision to mount the OEM brake light switch to retain brake light and cruise control operation.

Bonamici rearsets come standard with black aluminum heelguards, fixed(non-folding) foot pegs, black foot peg end caps and black toe peg caps. Color accents, carbon fiber heelguards, and folding footpeg are available to upgrades your rearsets.


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