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Stage 3 Power Package for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660 (all years & variants)

Stage 3 Power Package for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660 (all years & variants)

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Air Filter

Stage 3 Power Package for Aprilia RS 660 & Tuono 660 (all years & variants)


  • Aprilia RS 660 (all years and variants)
  • Aprilia Tuono 660 (all years & variants)

When paired with your favorite exhaust this power package includes everything you need to extract the most power possible from your RS660/Tuono 660 without doing internal engine work.

This Stage 3 Power Pack includes the Gabro Racing Team 660 Velocity Stack Kit, Promo code to get Gabro's velocity stack specific map for no additional charge, Sprint air filter, UpMap T800+, proper connection cable to plug into your diagnostic port and a promo code to get 1 of Gabro's standard maps.

Air Filter Choice: The Sprint P08 is Sprint's filter target towards street and track day riders. The Sprint F1-85 is targeted toward track/race only bikes, it flows more air than the P08, but will also allow more fine particles through.

Important Note: It is highly recommended to have a battery charger connected to your battery while flashing your ECU with the UpMap. The BS Battery BS 10 & Optimate 1 Duo are both 1A battery chargers/maintainers that are compatible with lead acid & lithium batteries. The Optimate 4s 6A is a premium option that is designed for lithium batteries and has a specific mode to stabilize battery voltage during ECU flashing. You can find more details on the chargers as well as other options in the batteries/chargers category of our website.

Important Note: Gabro's map will disable the US/Canada front turn signals on the Tuono 660 and activate the EU turn signals in the headlight. For the Tuono 660 owners we recommend the Fusion Moto Turn Signal Block Off Plates. They are a nice finishing touch to cover the opening exposed when removing the bulky US/Canada front turn signals.

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