How do I choose an exhaust for my Aprilia RSV4 or Tuono V4?

How do I choose an exhaust for my Aprilia RSV4 or Tuono V4?

Choosing an exhaust for your Tuono or RSV4 can be overwhelming.   It is common for people to struggle with the choice.   Trying to research options often causes more uncertainty in the decision.   Based on my personal experience, I think it is caused by how differently people can perceive sound and how much personal preferences can vary.   I always recommend using the desired sound level as a starting point.   There are 2 reasons for that.   The Tuono V4 & RSV4 are different beasts than most motorcycles.   The aftermarket exhaust options range from barely louder than stock, all the way up to what most people consider obnoxious.   Perception of sound can also vary wildly between people.   Over and over again I'll have one person say an exhaust isn't very loud, then the next person will say that exact same exhaust is obnoxiously loud.   

Personally I love loud exhausts, hearing the roar of the engine just really enhances the riding experience for me.   When I was trying to choose an exhaust for my 2017 Tuono I was leaning toward the SC Project CR-T.   As I was researching it I did see people commenting that it was too loud but I just kinda brushed it off.  I decided to go ahead with the CR-T.   When I installed it I was definitely caught off guard how loud it really was.   For the first time I questioned if it actually was too loud.   From my research ahead of time I realized there wasn't any objective data out there that I could use to try to pinpoint an exhaust that would have an ideal sound level for me.   So that is what motivated the sound level testing I have done.   I figured it would help me select an exhaust for my Tuono but knew it would be useful in helping my customers determine the best fit for them as well.   

I think the sound level testing was a success.  We can use those objective test results to help predict how you will perceive the sound level.   It has been very helpful enabling my customers to take the guesswork out of their exhaust choices and getting it right the first time.   

Once the desired sound level is determined it is much easier to make a selection.   At that point it just comes down to what design you like the look of, what features are most import and what fits into your budget.

Even though I was initially concerned about the sound level of the SC Project CR-T, after doing all the testing I realized it was still the exhaust I preferred.   I am happy to take the time to discuss the options and how to interpret the sound level test results so you can come to the right decision for your bike.   My goal is to take the guesswork out of it for you, so you can make the right choice the first time.  

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