Do I really need to flash/tune my ECU?

Do I really need to flash/tune my ECU?

It is common for people to wonder if they really need to flash their ECU when installing an aftermarket exhaust.   Most people have heard the general rule that you can get by without a flash with a aftermarket slip-on exhaust, but need one if you install an aftermarket full exhaust.   But that doesn't apply to most Aprilia's. The reason is the catalytic converter is integrated into the OEM muffler assembly.   

Removing the catalytic converter is where the majority of the horsepower gain comes from with an aftermarket full exhaust.   But removing the converter also significantly alters the fueling requirements.   So even if you are installing an aftermarket slip-on on a Aprilia, it has the same effect on fueling requirements as installing a full exhaust on other motorcycles.  

Another consideration is modern motorcycles are tuned very lean from the factory to meet stringent emissions standards.   The ECU can do limited correction to the fueling to adjust for things like ambient temperature, elevation and fuel quality.  But there isn't enough correction factor built in to be able to properly compensate for aftermarket exhausts or high flow air filters.   Aftermarkets exhausts and high flow air filters lean out the air/fuel ratio even more and can quickly to get to the point where it would run dangerously lean on the OEM map.  

Correcting the air/fuel ratio isn't the only benefit of a flash though.   A quality flash like Gabro's (flashed through UpMap) will increase performance, improve smoothness, improve ride ability and allow the engine to run cooler.   Most people are motivated to flash the ECU when switching to an aftermarket exhaust.   But an ECU flash can still be very beneficial on a otherwise stock motorcycle.   

CBC Motorsports offers the UpMap which is a user friendly way to flash the ECU yourself.   We have found that it is best option available for Aprilia.   It beats the competition in performance, ease of install and price.   

You can find more info on them in our online store.   But feel free to contact us with any questions.

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